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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello, hello, hello! I am sorry this letter is so late but I hope you find it, and I am thrilled that you will be writing for me this year. Whatever fandom it is and whatever fic it is, I know I will love it! Seriously, I have done Yuletide many times (so far back The Office (US), Futurama and The Hunger Games were all eligible fandoms!) and always, always been happy with and grateful for the fic I have received. Yours will be the same, I am sure.

Things and tropes I like in general: banter, humor, friends-to-lovers, sweetness (both real and bitter), character studies, casefics (if applicable), snappy dialogue, friendship and UST. Angst is just fine with me as long as the ending is at least hopeful. I read any and all ratings, from general audience to mature; porn is fine, with or without plot, but not at all necessary. I am a shipper at heart but also like gen fic; again, romance is nice but not necessary. I am all about characters, their inner lives, dynamics, motivations, actions, etc. I like plot but what really hooks me in both source material and stories is the characters. I am a character-driven girl all the way, so if you feature the characters I asked for, I am pretty much going to be a happy camper. :) I am also a hopeless sap when it comes to kids and kid!fic, not that it will probably feature in many of my requests, but do not hesitate to throw a kid in the mix if that floats your boat. If it doesn't, that's cool, too.

Things and tropes I generally don't like: I am not a dark-fic person. I dislike non-con and dub-con intensely, and thus won't read on-screen or even intense talk of off-screen sexual violence. Incest is also not okay for me. Violence in certain circumstances is okay with me, but not anything very graphic, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't feature torture.

Thoughts on individual fandoms I requested below:

Parks and Recreation )

Madeline L'Engle Universe, Murray-O'Keefe Family )

Law and Order )

Ramona Quimby )

Finally, I can't stress enough that optional details are optional, both on my sign up and here. Write the story that grabs you and that you want to write, and I am sure that I will love it. Enjoy the process! Thank you so much for writing a story for me!


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